Smart system for managing urban parking spaces

Finding and managing parking spaces continue to represent a relevant problem for both clients and owners. An integrated parking system means a better management of the spaces, an increase in revenue and a better experience for the clients.

Why is a Sm@rt City P@rking useful? Here are a few problems it can address:

  • In the crowded areas of cities, it can be very difficult to find a parking space;
  • About 30% of traffic is generated by those searching for a parking spot;
  • The arrangement and maintenance of parking spaces requires high investments and alters the urban landscape by reducing green spaces and pedestrian areas;
  • Clients are forced to use various and non-integrated methods for paying or obtaining a parking pass;
  • Detecting non-compliant parking use is difficult (e.g. exceeding the maximum allowed or paid time).

Sm@rt City P@rking solves all of the above problems and covers all types of parking: residential, public, private or concession, and even parking related to commercial spaces (shopping malls, stores), institutions, airports, companies and so on. Our solution makes it possible to integrate with components from various equipment manufacturers. The solution facilitates the administration of revenues from the management of parking lots and additionally offers a mobile application to be used by the Local Police for real-time control.

The benefits of using our solution: 

  • Reducing traffic, pollution and time needed to find a parking space;
  • Easy access for parking lot users through integrated methods of information, reservation, payment;
  • Establishing the optimal price for controlling the occupancy rate of parking spaces on different zones and time intervals (goal: 85% occupancy rate);
  • Additional revenue for local government;
  • Determining the need for parking spaces;
  • It supports the development of the urban mobility strategy.

Competitiveness Operational Program 2014 – 2020 – Competitive together
Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).
The total value of the project: 5,981,489.00 RON, out of which the non-refundable financial assistance: 3,212,785.00 RON.
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