Public Administration Solutions

In their effort to meet the citizens’ ever increasing expectations, the local and central public administration institutions now look towards new models of functioning based on complete, integrated solutions, thus becoming more efficient and transparent. Industrial Software offers public institutions an integrated system of applications specially designed to meet all the specific requirements of the public sector.

Internal services solutions


INDSOFT-SICO, the integrated financial system was designed and built with the purpose of processing all the accounting activities specific to the public institutions within one single system, assuring the automated data processing regarding:

  • Budget tracking
  • Contracts and payment monitoring
  • Accountancy of commitments and authorizations
  • Reports requested by the Ministry of Public Finances


This module of the integrated financial system provides:

  • Annual and quarterly budget forecasting
  • Easy configuration of the budget annexes, according to the form and template legislation
  • Generation of budget annexes requested by the Ministry of Finance
  • Automated processing of provisions generated by dependent units
  • Tracking of accomplishments in accordance with the budget planning
  • Analysis tools for budget correlations

Staff and Salaries

The solution is designed to easily manage complex, time consuming processes like salary management, personnel file management, clocking registration and processing, etc.

With the help of its four distinct modules, you can easily operate specific human capital processes like:

  • Personnel management
  • Public clerk management
  • Clocking
  • Salary calculation


The Tax solution consists in a bundle of integrated applications specially designed to manage all the city hall’s incomes. This solution allows you to manage every single claim and debt of any particular tax payer by easily defining the tax base, calculation model and claim management.

With the help of its specific modules, the solution provides:

  • Tax payer management
  • Tax base management
  • Contract income management
  • Debits management
  • Tax documentation management
  • Treasury statements verification
  • Tracking and enforcement of the tax payers, plus incentives calculation
  • Bankruptcy record and management
  • Issuance of documents
  • Electronic payment and information
  • Parking and market places management
  • Income accountancy
  • Reports and analysis
  • Interoperability with other applications of the integrated system

Projects and Investments

This module is designed to manage all the ongoing projects and investments. Its main functionalities are:

  • Introduction and budgeting of the investment lists
  • Project budget planning and budget availability check
  • Project structure and milestones definition
  • Activity description for every project
  • Project cost analysis and expense tracking
  • Annual budget history

Agricultural Registry

The Agricultural Registry solution was designed and built to automate the recording, centralization and management of the information contained by the traditional Agricultural Registry.

The application is in permanent accordance with the current legislation and it can also be updated at the request of its users.


This system helps local public administrations manage all patrimony assets from both public and private domain as well as keeping track of all the related modifications that occur. The management is based on different perspectives: financial, technical, geographical. This way, the system provides a full image of the patrimony assets.

Social Care

The social care solution enables easy management of:

  • Social care information
  • Single parent family support
  • Complementary financial support
  • Emergency aids
  • Children allowances
  • Incentives and allowances
  • Heating financial support

The application also provides easy management of all the documentation related to social care.

Document Management

The Industrial Software document management solution is dedicated to all public administration institutions as it offers the possibility to manage the distribution, storage and finding of every electronic document. Any document that is registered, internally created or sent to citizens and other institutions is being tracked and followed from its creation until its resolution and electronic archiving.

Once introduced in the system, the documents can be reviewed by both internal employees and citizens through the web portal, info desks or call centers. This way, information regarding the document’s status, the department at which it is and its current resolution can be easily obtained.

The document management solution is made out of three main components, Registry, Urban Planning and Electronic Archiving, each of them containing different modules that facilitate information access for the citizens.

By implementing the Industrial Software document management solution, public institutions benefit of:

  • Reduced costs: less time and resources spent on finding documents and eliminating duplications
  • High quality services: on time document delivery, faster decision making processes, collaboration and transparency
  • Increased security: authorized users can access specific documents only for specific actions
  • Improved relationship with the citizens: faster request solving processes, reduced number of necessary documentation etc.

Urban planning

The solution allows the recording and listing of all urban planning certificates, authorizations, documentation and processes within a single database while also providing the possibility to view all the released certificates and authorizations.

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