Public Administration Solutions

In their effort to meet the citizens’ ever increasing expectations, the local and central public administration institutions now look towards new models of functioning based on complete, integrated solutions, thus becoming more efficient and transparent. Industrial Software offers public institutions an integrated system of applications specially designed to meet all the specific requirements of the public sector.

Electronic Services Solutions

iCRM – Integrated Citizen Relationship Management System

Insdoft’s iCRM (integrated citizen relationship management) solution manages to bring the city halls’ services to the same level as those provided by commercial institutions to their customers: interaction through electronic means, personalized services (etc.).

As citizens’ expectations increase in regard to availability and action transparency of the public institutions, the implementation of a communication system similar to that of a private company’s Customer Relationship Management solution (CRM) becomes mandatory.

Due to INDSOFT iCRM integrated system, the citizens can now communicate through more channels (portal, telephone, e-mail, SMS, info booth, counter) with the institution’s departments and also track the problem solving process online.

Web Portal

The web portal solution offers citizens access to information that is being processed through specific applications and enables collaboration among the public institution’s employees. It connects the institution’s internal systems with the citizens (through call centers, websites and info desks).

The Web Portal is a powerful communication tool that provides information regarding the public administration activities and access to necessary information resources to both citizens and organizations.

Electronic payment (e-pay)

The electronic payment solution allows payment to be received over the internet for all categories of taxes, rents, concessions, fines etc.

The electronic payment system is available to any registered user through the web portal. It has an easy to use, intuitive graphic user interface with clear steps that unfold accordingly to the relationship of the user with the institution.

Call center

The call center application represents an automated interface, assisted by operators, between the citizens and the public institution. The call center operators are able to offer general information and answer specific questions coming from the citizens by having direct and permanent access to the internal informational systems. Also, the automated interfacing between the Call Center and other internal applications like Tax management or Document management provides the citizens with instant access to information managed by these applications, without the intervention of an operator.

Info desk – touchscreen information system

The info desk is an efficient interface between the citizens and the public institution’s systems. It is designed to be used by citizens who do not have internet access and who do not use the internet portal to access information. The info desk can be used to retrieve information from the data base of the taxes, document management and other subsystems.

The application aims to familiarize the citizens with the electronic accessed information, thus improving the collaboration and transparency between the institutions and the governed citizens.