The iCRM integrated dispatch system provides a clear, unitary and efficient image of the prompt reply to every request, complaint and question received from customers or citizens.  This form of centralized system eliminates duplications and enhances the traceability of the ‘registration-request-solving-notifying and feedback’ process.

Due to INDSOFT iCRM integrated system, the citizens can now communicate through more channels (portal, telephone, e-mail, SMS, info booth, counter) with the institution’s departments and also track the problem solving process online.

Insdoft’s iCRM (integrated citizen relationship management) solution manages to bring the city halls’ services to the same level as those provided by commercial institutions to their customers: interaction through electronic means, personalized services (etc.). As citizens’ expectations increase in regard to availability and action transparency of the public institutions, the implementation of a communication system similar to that of a private company’s Customer Relationship Management solution (CRM) becomes mandatory.

Areas of use:

  • Incident management
  • Dispatch
  • Citizen information management
  • Field inspections
  • Staff/personnel management
  • Task management
  • Correspondence management

Main benefits of the iCRM system:

  • Eliminates data duplication within institution’s departments
  • Increases department productivity
  • Saves resources by eliminating manual processes
  • Assures traceability of task solving
  • Assures process and decision making transparency
  • Compliant with public information access requirements
  • Updates citizen contact details from database in a single step
  • Enhances the image of the public institution
  • Makes processes more simple and efficient, eliminates paperwork and reduces unnecessary interaction
  • More comfort for both citizens and public clerks
  • Less complaints from the citizens in regard to public services, higher degree of citizen satisfaction
  • Efficient communication instrument between elected representatives and voters
  • Can replace the costly post mail notification system with e-mail notification